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Wisdom teeth making top teeth become slightly crooked - invisaline braces?

I've been putting off getting my wisdom teeth taken out because I'm chicken...but now I really need to soon because 4 of my top teeth have gotten slightly crooked. My question is about the invisaline braces. Has anyone ever had them just to fix a few teeth that are slightly off? How long did you have to wear them? Can you talk okay with them on? Any ideas on how expensive it would be just to get my top teeth done? Thanks for any info.

Wisdom teeth making top teeth become slightly crooked - invisaline braces?
you can get the invisalign whenever you want BUT if you dont get those wisdom teeth removed then the invisalign isnt going to do you any good. Just get them removed. its not as bad as it seems, as long as your numbed up, maybe even sedated if you need it, the process will be fairly quick and virtually painless. Then you can talk to someone about invisalign. I havent seen anyone do just one arch, i dont know for sure if they do just one arch but for the whole treatment its about 3-4000.00

It is weird to talk in them for a day or two but you get used to it, the time you wear them depends on how out of line your teeth are. some people are as few as 6 months, some as long as a year, a small few are longer then a year.
Reply:Pull them. Long term solution.
Reply:I am the worst chicken in the world and I kept putting off pulling my wisdom teeth. I finally had all four of them pulled out a few years ago and the fear was a lot worse than the proceedure. Do not put it off!
Reply:Don't be afraid of getting your wisdom teeth out. It will not hurt at all. Go to a oral surgeons office and they will probably put you to sleep, when you awake it's over. Your gums will be sore for a few days but the doctor will prescribe pain medication for this. Do not worry about braces until you first take care of the wisdom teeth. Go see an orthodontist for a consultation appointment and they will tell you all the facts about braces. The cost and how long you will wear them. Best wishes.
Reply:I use to have braces and ignored the wisdom teeth. Now my teeth are crooked again. It was just a little crowding in the beginning, now there is teeth overlaping. I'm getting them out tomorrow. Get the out and get them over with.They may get MORe crooked if you let them fully come in. I'm scared too but I'm soo tired of feeling it. Get them out first then look at all your options to get them straight. Good luck!

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Teeth are getting crooked?

i got my braces of about 6 months ago and stoped weariign my retainer, my teeth are now getting crooked again. iwas wandering if i wore my retainer all the time would they make my teeth straighter seeings how the retainer is a molding of my mouth? any advice...

Teeth are getting crooked?
Check with your orthodontist.

You could start wearing your retainer at night for a couple of months.
Reply:You are usually told by the Orthodontist to wear the retainer at night to maintain the position of the teeth after getting the braces off. Since your teeth are already shifting, you need to go back to the Orthodontist and find out if they need to take a new mold of your teeth. Good Luck.

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My teeth are really crooked but I'm beyond braces. What should I do? False teeth, bridges?

My back ones are straight, 6 front on top and 7 on bottom are crooked. If I go for false teeth, should I have all pulled at once, or top and bottom separately? Should I only get the crooked ones pulled and then get bridges? What are the pros and cons of false and bridges?

My teeth are really crooked but I'm beyond braces. What should I do? False teeth, bridges?
My teeth are pretty crooked and I'm starting Invisalign soon. I don't have any real gaps or anything. But, mine might be similar to yours because it's really the 6 teeth on the top in the front that need straightening and same for the bottom ones. My back teeth line up pretty well, but really, who cares about your molars?

You'd be surprised what orthodontists can do these days. No one is beyond hope. And if your teeth are healthy, orthodontists are hesitant to pull those healthy teeth. They always want to do their best to save your actual teeth. Real teeth are much better than man-made ones. If it's a question of alignment, there's a lot they can do. The biggest pain is the cost. It'll be expensive, whatever you decide. I'm doing Invisalign for $3400.
Reply:go to your dentist and ask about invisalign.
Reply:i'd recommend a hammer + a chisel... i think you'll really enjoy the results
Reply:I had porcelain veneers put on mine, they actually file your real teeth down to little nubs and put the veneers over top, now I have beautiful teeth. Keep your teeth at all cost!
Reply:Why are you "beyond braces"? Is it because you think you're too old for braces or think your teeth are beyond the help braces might offer? Either way, I'd suggest you go to an orthodontist and see what they have to say: you might be pleasantly surprised.

It's amazing how a beautiful smile is tied up with our image of what an attractive person looks like, so I understand your concern.
Reply:invisalign wont work for really crooked teeth, and you're not beyond braces, youll be surprised at how they work. make a free consultation with your local orthodontist and be on your way to a healthy smile and greater confidence.
Reply:I disagree with the other answerer. Invisalign is merely for minor correcting of crowding. If you defiantely dont want to go the braces route, you could think of putting veneers and crowns on all teeth. Bridges are used to replace missing teeth, so sounds like you defiantely dont need that. More of a case of too many teeth! You can crown teeth and put veneers which will reshape the teeth and are aestetically more pleasing. But again let me remind you the cost will be more. Avg case of braces is $4-5000. 13 veneers is going to cost you approx $8-9000...Hope this helps...
Reply:Why are you beyond braces? Unless you have really bad gum disease, you are probably not beyond braces. They do have braces that are almost invisible (Invisaline).

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Teeth are slightly crooked, but i notice my teeth are shifting. can i get a retainer to help them not shift?

My teeth are slightly crooked. I dont think i would need braces, but i notice my teeth are shifting a bit. could i just get a retainer?

Teeth are slightly crooked, but i notice my teeth are shifting. can i get a retainer to help them not shift?
I am a dental hygienist and have been licensed for over 20 years. I am not an orthodontist, nor do I play one on TV. Your teeth will move and shift throughout life - they are not set in stone. This is normal and you can wear retainers or invisilign to put them back in their original place or shift them a bit. Throughout my life, I have had retainers to correct normal shifting. I would also highly recommend using a nightguard in the evening to prevent further shifting and wear on the teeth.
Reply:Yes, a retainer or night guard will help

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Is my retainer what's making my teeth crooked?

I had braces for about 2 years when I was in middle/high school. It's been a few years since then, and I had always been good about wearing my retainer (every night for over a year, or more, after the braces came off) with no trouble.

After going away for school, I didn't use it as much. Recently, I started to wear it again, however, my teeth seem to be shifting ever so slightly when I consistently use the retainer. I'm 20, and I've had my wisdom teeth (well, 2 wisdom teeth, 2 molars) removed a while back, but the other 2 wisdom teeth are coming in now.

I don't know whether the problem is caused by my wisdom teeth shifting (in which case I need to wear the retainer) or from the retainer itself, as its about 3 years old at this point. I'm curious as to whether anyone else has had a similar problem due to using their retainer long after it was made.

Note: I'm already scheduling an appt. with my orthodontist, but I just wanted to see if anyone had experienced the same thing.

Is my retainer what's making my teeth crooked?
Your retainer is probably too small now. I would stop using it until I saw the orthodntist.
Reply:The retainer is probably trying to put the teeth back in place because it is made to hold the teeth without it spreading apart and becoming crooked again.

So your teeth are probably different than what the retainer's shape is made in so its pushing the teeth in to its original place when you had the braces off, this is my guess.

(i.e. retainer is too small)
Reply:I would talk to your orthodontist about this, it's weird that your teeth are slightly moving again.


How much did you pay for your braces? and how crooked were your teeth?

i am getting braces soon, and would like to know...

How much did you ACTUALLY pay? (not your estimate)

How long did, or are you going to have them for?

How crooked were your teeth?

thank- you

How much did you pay for your braces? and how crooked were your teeth?
I had braces for about 3 years and paid monthly payments to equal about $2000 I had a really bad overbite on top and on bottom they were pretty crooked, one tooth was behind all the others bot now I have beautiful teeth and a great smile definitely worth everything , the time and money.
Reply:oh and by the way, Katie is his ex... sshe is fine with it

and i did talk to my friend and they didnt kno wut to do either

...and dont judge.... Report It

Reply:I got mine when I was in 1st grade [really crooked teeth] but I live in oregon so no sales tax but it was about till 6th grade and price was like 8 grand
Reply:My son's teeth were really crowded, and starting to overlap each other. His braces cost $4,000. Our insurance paid half and we paid half, although we made payments instead of paying it all at one time. He ended up wearing his braces for 3 years, although that was longer than most people wear them. It was well worth it, though. His teeth look great. You'll be really happy you did it.
Reply:I only need my braces on top my teeth were not to crooked...I wore mine for less than a year...the cost was 750.00 with insurance (1400 w/out insurance) top teeth only...

Please refer to link below
Reply:I believe mine were around $2000 Canadian... something like that. My teeth were moderately crooked. I was around 12 years old.
Reply:I got mine almost two years ago. About to get them off in a couple of months. My braces were about 2,000 but we paid them off monthly. I didnt have crooked teeth I just had a gap in the front and its gone now.
Reply:my sons teeth were very crooked. he had a splitter in the roof of his mouth and has been in braces for about 15 months, it will take another year then he will wear retainers for ? (a long time) with insurance it is costing us about 3,000.
Reply:I got my braces a couple of years ago and I paid $4350. It doesn't matter how long you will need to have your braces or how crooked your teeth are, they charge every one the same.(within the same office of course)


Are my teeth crooked?

i know they're crooked, but is it really noticable?

Are my teeth crooked?
No....If I just randomly came across that photo, wouldnt have thought "they`re crooked".

Theres nothing wrong with your teeth.
Reply:not enough for you to do anything about them... I'd get my teeth whitened, but other than that... you have a gorgeous smile...
Reply:a little not enough to worry, but i would worry about that color bleach them and then u got good teeth

And I don't know what the people above are talking about they look white to me:)
Reply:they're fine....just u need to whiten them or s/t

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